I find this Long House on the Prairie inspiring. What I like most about it is the layout. I like the fact that it is all one floor. I don’t really want stairs because it seems like they are a place for clutter. They are the resting place for things that are not where they belong. Also, I have never cared for basements. They are usually dark, sometimes damp, and always have scary machinery in them. Maybe I’ve seen too many movies where something scary happens in a boiler room of a school or some industrial setting. I’m not sure. I have been in some basements that are nice, but not one that is open and airy. While I’m sure that it is possible to build a basement that I would enjoy, I think it would require work that I’m not willing to do.

So, I like that there is only one floor. I like that it is long and narrow. When I try to imagine our house in my head, I try to figure out a way to have the bedrooms be warm, while also being separated from the living space. I don’t want the bedrooms at the north end of the house because they will be too cold in winter. So the Long House is ideal because all the rooms have a southern exposure and have warmth in the winter.

I also like the openness of the floor plan. I envision our living room, dining room, and kitchen as essentially one big room. That will be where we spend the bulk of our time when we are inside, I’m sure. I like the big louvered doors that can make a big open space, or can be closed to make a bedroom. I also like the breezeway. That would be great in summer! Although my dream house has a courtyard/indoor pool/greenhouse, which would be better than an breezeway. The combined greenhouse/pool/courtyard is a luxury that will probably have to be added on later, but it is definitely a part of my vision.

The things I do not like about this house are the exterior and some of the interior design elements. The house uses limestone for the exterior; I believe the article states it is locally harvested limestone. I appreciate the “greenness” of that, but do not care for the look. I like the idea of straw bales with earth plaster (something like this home in Tucson). That is a much warmer look to a house. Since we live in west central Illinois, I am sure we can get straw bales locally. Also, while I can appreciate the modern aesthetics of the freestanding steel lavatories but it is also not as warm as I would like. Maybe I’m old fashioned when it comes to bathrooms. I don’t really want or need to see all the plumbing, even if it is nice looking.

I like the concrete floors, but again would warm those up with some color and some nice area rugs, particularly in winter. However, I’m sure the cool concrete would be lovely on a hot summery day. There are many other things I like and dislike about this house. I think what I like most is the layout of the house. It gives me ideas, which is exactly what I need.


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