Why we moved to the country

I updated the About page. I didn’t start out intending that page to be about why we moved, but that’s what it ended up being about. So it’s sort of a blog post, but one that should stay in that section of the blog, I think.

I have a post going in my head about why I’m a vegetarian and why I think it doesn’t much sense anymore, at least for me at this point in my life. However, I still have a pretty serious aversion to meat, so that could pose a problem. Anyway, I’ll have to think more and write more about that.

In the meantime, here are some pictures (and some visual evidence for why we moved!):

The view from the front sunroom.

The view from the front sunroom.

In this picture you can see the corn in the distance, as well as a building (it might be hard to pick out, but it has a green roof). That building belongs to our closest neighbor, Jeff. He’s a great guy and we’re glad to have him nearby. Also, on the left, middle part of the picture you can see part of the yard where we are thinking of putting the garden. I’ll write more about that in another post because it’s been quite a lot of thinking and talking to figure out where the garden will go!

Aidan and Moira walking down the lane

Aidan and Moira walking down the lane

That’s Aidan pulling Moira in the wagon. That’s our lane, or driveway. It’s about 3/10 of a mile long. Near the house there is grass on either side. Then there are two juniper bushes, then a bit more grass, then some of the corn. After the corn is a little dip where it is currently a mud pit due to flooding. Then there is a little bridge over the creek, and then a bit more grass followed by the road. We need to work on the lane in spring. I think we are getting more gravel next week, but I have to talk to our neighbor. He knows a guy with a dump truck and I think he set it up for us. He said we need to lay more gravel while the ground is still frozen or the gravel will just get worked into the mud. So, tons of gravel will be coming our way soon!

Moira in a princess dress in the front yard.

Moira in a princess dress in the front yard.

This is Moira in her princess dress on the hill outside the front door. The house is to the left. That brown thing next to the trailer is a coop. The former owner used it to rescue pheasants. We were thinking of using it for the chickens, then thinking about building a moveable coop, and now are back to thinking of using it for the chickens at night. Again, that’s another post and one that has involved lots of talking and thinking over the months we’ve been here.

OK, I will post more. I have a couple of ideas in my head for posting, such as the issue of vegetarianism and the debate about how, exactly, to house the chickens when we get them.


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2 Responses to “Why we moved to the country”

  1. Jeff Frost Says:

    This looks beautiful. I am very jealous and wish you well in the country. I can’t imagine how great it is to feel so connected to the land. Keep us posted of land for sale as we might wish to detach ourselves from the city at some point.

    Congratulations and look forward to reading more. Take care.

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    […] A Hippy Girl in the Country « Why we moved to the country […]

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