Fresh Gravel

On Tuesday we got some new gravel for the driveway. I’m not sure yet exactly how many tons of gravel it was, but close to 45 tons, I’d guess. The guy, Fred, who brought it and dumped it said the truck holds about 14-15 tons of gravel, and he brought 3 trucks full. So…. tons and tons of gravel.

I wish I had some pictures of the really bad part of the driveway, but I didn’t think to take pictures ahead of time. I had to take some pictures when Fred went to get another load. So here is what one part of the driveway looked like before new gravel (and this part of the driveway wasn’t that bad, really): 

The lane before new gravel

The lane before new gravel

And here is a view of the lane after some gravel was put down:

Fresh Gravel!

So the lane is much better than it was. Parts of it were just mud. The bad news is that yesterday and today were warm and today was rainy, so some of the gravel is sinking into the ground faster than we would like. Overall, it is much, much better, though. Tim filled in the potholes while Fred was getting another load and that helped, too.

This is one of those things that comes with country living. I think that in the back of our minds we knew we’d have to get more gravel, but just had no idea how soon or how often or how much it would cost. We still don’t know how often it needs to be done, but we will find out! I have a good idea of the cost and it is one reason to select a building site that will not require a long lane (or to think about whether something other than gravel will work).


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2 Responses to “Fresh Gravel”

  1. chris Says:

    We always used crushed oyster shells. Ofcourse that was on the Eastern Shore of MD where oyster shells are abundant and cheap. probably not the case in IL. 🙂 Love reading your blog BTW

  2. hippygirl Says:

    Hah! I just bought some today for when the chicks are older and need it to make their eggs stronger. It would definitely be more expensive than gravel around here! 🙂

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