Is it Spring yet?

That’s what Aidan keeps asking me. Is it spring yet? The poor kid is so confused because it’s really that between time, between winter and spring. I keep telling him it’s like they are dueling it out. Of course, he is also asking because we have said all winter about all the things we will do in spring: get chicks, start a garden, build a train building/green house/play house, etc. So he is anxious to start all those things and so am I!

It’s easy to think spring is finally here. The weather is nice and the forecast is for 50 degrees or higher for the next 10 days. We’ve also been doing spring-like activities. I have pulled up some weeds already and am clearing out one of the planter areas to put in flowers, and I have flower seeds started indoors already. I also bought a bunch of vegetable seeds. I considered not buying them and trying to stick to heirloom seeds, but I have to admit I’m just not ready for that. I’ve never really gardened, so it’s all new to me. I figure we’ll start with regular seeds, grow them as organically as we can and then see what comes next spring (or even this fall if we manage to build a greenhouse this summer).

We also bought some hardware cloth to secure the coop and to build a compost area. I made a call to a nursery up the road that our neighbor told us about. Apparently they have some kind of reverse tiller that will be good to get the sod up and start a garden. Our neighbor used Roundup and waited a year, but we don’t want to wait or use Roundup! Tomorrow I think we will put up some marks for the garden, both to figure out for sure where it will be and how big it will be.

Right now I have some unexpected time to myself at home and if I just close my eyes and listen, I hear the following: insects, woodpeckers, all kinds of birds, the hum of my laptop, the occasional frog, and Cleo’s bell on her collar jingling, as well as some kind of howling. There are some other animals noises that I do not recognize. I have a lot to learn about that, too. One thing I know is that the country is quieter than the city, but that it is not quiet by any means, especially in spring.


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