Planning the garden

It took a bit of thinking to figure out where the garden will go. We have hills and a creek all around the back and both sides of the house. We also have some serious flooding in the backyard when it rains, so that part of the yard is out. The other big thing to overcome is the black walnut trees, which are everywhere. My sister-in-law told us not much will grow under them. Scott the Farmer confirmed this, saying something about something that is in the roots of the trees being bad for veggies. I can’t remember, but here is a site that explains it if you are curious. I only skimmed it, but it does talk about why some things won’t grow near black walnut tress and gives a list of vegetables, fruits, landscape plants, flowers, and field crops that will and will not grow well near the trees.

The goal was to find a spot that is relatively flat, that doesn’t flood, that is big enough, and that is not near any black walnut trees. Oh, and something that will hopefully get enough water that we won’t have to water it ourselves too much. This is the spot we came up with, after a lot of thinking and input from our neighbor, Scott the Farmer, my sister-in-law, and anyone else who seemed interested and knowledgeable:

Garden Site
Garden Site

This picture does not show the entire area, but it should give you a good idea. That is Tim standing in the photo. He is in some of the brush that grows around the creek. The creek is right behind him. You can see some of the gravel of the driveway in the foreground. The area is somewhat limited by the fact that there are black walnuts on either side, but they are far apart, so we should be able to have a huge garden without much trouble.

Tomorrow I am going to put some markers where the corners will be and measure it out. We aren’t going to use the entire area at first because it’s our first garden here and we have a lot of learning to do. Plus, I just don’t want to get overwhelmed with it, so I would like to make it bigger gradually.

I still need to find my camera battery charger so I can take pictures. I want to take pictures of the chicks (they are doing well, by the way) and the garden after I’ve marked it. So far this week I’ve found a few things I’ve lost (or others have found them, I should say), such as my swimming suit, car keys, and Moira’s winter coat, so I am hopeful that it will turn up.


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