I’m glad I read so much about chickens before getting them. Now that I have them, I feel like I know what I’m doing. It’s easy for me to figure out what they want and need. I thought I might not be able to do that; I can do it with cats, but I have been around cats my whole life and I really love them so it’s easy to figure out what they need. So I thought maybe chickens would be so new and foreign to me that I would not just Know.

But I do! I could tell they needed more space. If someone asked how I knew, I could come up with some reasons, but mostly it was intuition, as well as all the reading I did for months before getting the chicks.

I was just thinking the other day that they are old enough they would probably like something to roost on. Today they were jumping up to the top of the waterer and feeder. Then Moira and I got one of the chicks out and the little chick just sat on her hand. She looked so happy doing that. I took some pictures and will post them later.

So anyway, it’s definitely time to get them something to roost on. I’ll have to figure something out and put it in the brooder. Today we need to give them fresh bedding anyway, so I’ll figure something out when we do that.


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6 Responses to “Roosting”

  1. thegardensmallholder Says:

    Oh bless them, they are growing up fast!

  2. dadabean Says:

    We put small branches in their brooder, right under the heat lamps. They loved it!

  3. hippygirl Says:

    Yes, I read about the stick idea after we made ours. πŸ™‚ We probably went a bit overboard, but Tim built a roost with some scrap lumber. It took him less than 10 minutes and it took them a while to figure it out, but now I think they are sleeping on it every now and then. I think I have pics, but I have to get them off the camera and then post them.

  4. Erin Says:

    We put a roost in ours when our chicks were 3 days old and they already started climbing onto it (and falling off – luckily it’s only 1/2 inch off the ground). We also used scrap lumber…we are probably ahead of time but like you I feel like I can’t predict their needs; I gauge their happiness on how much they peep and poop. Tough to interpret πŸ™‚

  5. hippygirl Says:

    I do wish I had a stick in there earlier. I think they would have liked it and wanted to roost earlier. It has taken them a bit to figure this one out, but I catch some of them roosting on it. πŸ™‚

    I think we will be getting just a few more chicks in the summer when it is warmer. Then they can be outside during the day and inside at night, if necessary. There are a few things I would do differently, but not much. I think we should be handling these more often as some want to be held and some don’t. I might need to work with the ones that don’t care to be held much and see what we can do. Or I might just get a different breed next time, too. I’ll have to think about that and see what breeds are available, as well.

  6. Erin Says:

    It’s funny how different chicks have such different personalities…we have one who was so brave and just loved being held from the moment we opened the post box (I’m pretty sure she is a wyandotte)…and then there are some (the buckeyes, actually) who are definitely not into being held or exploring. They are more like, lets huddle in this corner until OMG a HAND…RUN!

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