Managed chaos

I have been a bit busy the last couple of days. My dad and his girlfriend visited yesterday and we had a good time. The kids loved showing them the trains and the chicks.

We planted a few seeds for herbs and spinach in little pots to start inside, and that is fun. Personally, I will want the garden to be organized (which I need to work on a plan for that) so that we can plant some things now and then keep planting so that we don’t have things all needing harvesting at once. I’d like to know what is where and when it should germinate and when to plant and all that. Planting seeds with the kids is not organized! At best, it is managed chaos. That’s OK, because I don’t know which herbs are in which pots, but we’ll figure it out when they start growing. I did manage to mark the pots that had spinach seeds in them, so at least that will be predictable.

We are getting the garden tilled, and are waiting on the people to come do it. They are waiting on the weather and for it to not be too muddy and things like that. So soon we will be working hard on the garden. I plan on having two little planting beds for each of the kids to plant whatever they want and take care of it however they want. They can learn some things about gardening. I already know that Moira loves to harvest, especially cherry tomatoes. She did that in Phoenix and her and Tim would eat them all up so that they never made it into the house.

The other thing we did yesterday was feed some earthworms to the chicks. I hadn’t planned to do that, but I went outside to feed our outdoor cats their late breakfast and found a little worm on my pants. Now, I am a bit squeamish about bugs and worms, so of course I called to the kids to come get this worm. As I’m calling to them, I’m thinking about how much the chicks would love the worms, so I asked Moira to go up and feed the worm to the chicks. The chicks LOVED it and went crazy. It was so fun to watch that we went out and dug up some more earthworms to feed to the chicks. That was a lot of fun.

Anyway, I have a ton of things on my mind and a big post I am working on. It might turn out to be more than one post as it’s a bunch of things that are interconnected and related but not in an obvious way. So I have lots of different threads of ideas feeding into this one post. I don’t have much time to put it all in words that are coherent, though, so it will probably take a while to write. Of course, the more it’s on my mind, the more new information I get and the longer I will take to write it.


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4 Responses to “Managed chaos”

  1. thegardensmallholder Says:

    One of our plans this weekend is to let the kids loose with a bag of compost, small pots and a packet of Titan sunflower seeds. It will be chaos!
    Glad your chickies loved the worms 🙂

  2. hippygirl Says:

    Oh!! Sunflower seeds sounds great. Thanks for that idea! 🙂

  3. dadabean Says:

    We had one little cochin who would spin in circles everytime she got a worm or a grasshopper.

  4. Garden plans « A Hippy Girl in the Country Says:

    […] dill, and oregano). This time I also washed out the pots, which I should have done when I planted the first batch of herbs and spinach seeds. I will have to find more containers before I can plant anything else! I am reluctant to buy […]

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