Short update

I planted some seeds yesterday: three different bell pepper varieties, broccoli, and various summer plants, like watermelon and honeydew. I think it’s late for the broccoli, but we’ll see. I figured it’s worth a shot. Seeds are cheap (and why is that, anyway? Is it because I bought cheap seeds or are they just that cheap? Next year I will definitey research and buy heirloom seeds) so I figured it wouldn’t hurt anything to go ahead and start some broccoli and replant it.

Tim is working on a temporary movable coop for the chickens to use. I have taken pictures and asked him if he will post them and write about the coop. Soon we will start on the hen house!

I am doing raised beds for the garden, so we built a box for the garden out of 2X6’s nailed together. I even did some of the nailing myself! And I did some rasping on the handles for the movable coop. I’m sure it’s faster if Tim just does it all by himself, but I feel bad coming up with all these ideas and then he has to do ALL the work. I know he doesn’t mind, but even so, I think I should have some basic skills, such as using a hammer.

I’ll be posting an update about the farm part of our property. I’ve started it, but can’t finish it quite yet.


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  1. Too long without blogging « A Hippy Girl in the Country Says:

    […] the broccoli today and we’ll see if it does better. If I have to, I will buy transplants. The peppers I planted have not sprouted at all. I am thinking perhaps the soil just was not warm enough when I planted […]

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