Chicks, now with more feathers

We’ve had the chicks for 3 weeks now. I think everyone who has ever had chicks will tell you they grow amazingly fast. This last week they got more feathers where they already had them (wings and tails) and then got some up by the back of the neck. Now some of them are working on feathers on the tops of their heads. You can also see where the combs are starting to grow a bit.

Chicken Joe, the cockerel, had a mark on his head 3 weeks ago. It is still there, but very faint. However, he looks different. He seems bigger, for one thing, but also his feathers look different somehow. I can’t quite figure out how he looks different, but he does and I can figure out who he is every time. Two of the pullets are getting the feathers on their heads. One of these pullets is quite friendly and likes to be handled. She always looks like she wants to get out of the brooder and she doesn’t run away chirping if I put my hand in the brooder as some of the others do.

They are definitely using the roost now. They love to scratch and fling their food everywhere. They get excited when I give them fresh water and they seem to be doing fine with the corn cob bedding. I’ve seen them pecking at each other a bit, but not too much yet. I expect to see more of that this week as they are approaching the age where they will be establishing their pecking order.


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