Out of town

OK, well it’s more like into town since we are going to the big city of Peoria, Illinois. Tom is flying to Phoenix tomorrow to go work there for a week. So we are going to visit family and take him to the airport and will be back tomorrow.

Tim is staying here to work and take care of the chickens and cats. He will maybe get the movable coop finished, too. Then I will have to make him post pictures and descriptions.

Gotta run!


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3 Responses to “Out of town”

  1. cyclingchicken Says:

    I used to live in Galesburg, which is south of Peoria. In fact I still have some family there. Hope you have a good trip.

    • hippygirl Says:

      oh yeah i know where galesburg is! a friend of mine went to college at Knox. we will be visiting there sometime soon because there is a train museum and a big train yard that my son wants to see.

      • cyclingchicken Says:

        I know what train yard you are talking about…I used to live within walking distance of it. I have an uncle that is younger than me and when we were kids he always wanted to go see the trains. I miss those sounds.

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