How to attract wildlife to your back porch

Here’s how to get a close up view of wild animals:

  1. Move to the country, preferably an area surrounded by woods and a creek
  2. Acquire outdoor cats with purchase of house
  3. Spoil outdoor cats by feeding them soft cat food
  4. Give them more food than they can eat in the evening and forget to bring it inside
  5. Watch the skunks, opossums, and raccoons come by for the free buffet
  6. Learn that the outdoor cats are not at all afraid of skunks or possums (not sure about raccoons yet)

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One Response to “How to attract wildlife to your back porch”

  1. cyclingchicken Says:

    Outdoor cats are not afraid of raccoons either….we had one named Marmalade that chased a coon away from me. I had never seen one in person before and thought it was the neatest thing, Marmy on the other hand didn’t appreciate how close it got and decided to do something about it. 🙂

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