First tick of the season

My aunt warned me about ticks a couple of weeks ago, and other than having the thought of them in the back of my head, I haven’t actually done anything about it, like check the kids at night or get them haircuts. But today, Tim found a tick on the back of his neck. Naturally he was a little freaked out. I had been meaning to call to make an appointment for the kids haircuts, so I did that right away. Short hair will be much easier, especially for Aidan the Woodsman. We have been in the woods the last two days, looking at a tree that got hit by lightening, which I’ll post pictures of once I get them off the camera, and hiking a bit.

So anyway, it’s tick season. We will have to check for them every night. I hope the kids will not give me a hard time about this because the diseases you can get from ticks can be pretty serious. At times I wish Moira would go hiking with us more, but at the moment I am grateful that she doesn’t because she will be harder to check for ticks because of her longer hair (it’s not long, but it’s long enough to make it harder to see the little buggers), the fact that she doesn’t like to let me do anything with her hair, and that she doesn’t understand the danger as well as Aidan does.

If you live somewhere without ticks, take a moment and be grateful. 🙂


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2 Responses to “First tick of the season”

  1. cyclingchicken Says:

    One of the things we used-to do was keep a rooster or two free ranging to keep ticks down. Guineas are also wonderful for this. We had to stop the practice because they ranged a little too far in our little neighborhood, and were also beating-up on the cat. We have been keeping a flea/tick collar on the cat, that really helps. We also run-off feral cats to keep the tick population down.

  2. hippygirl Says:

    I think we got the tick in the woods, so having the chickens free ranging might not have helped in that instance. But, I’m sure there are ticks around the house, too. Plus we have 4 outdoor cats that I should probably buy Frontline for to keep down the ticks.

    BLAH! Ticks. 🙂 I’m trying my hardest to get the kids into the bath soon so I can check them for ticks and put some cream on their sunburns they got today.

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