Morning chores (and another tick)

So I do have some morning chores now. I am trying to switch the laundry every morning so that the dirty laundry doesn’t pile up and so that we aren’t doing a lot of loads back to back, which is bad for the septic system. The laundry is upstairs, so I can do that while I am showering or getting dressed (and searching for clothes!). Then I feed Riley the cat his soft food so he stops meowing. I check the water for the indoor cats and change it as needed. Then I go outside to feed the outdoor cats their soft food.

Right now the chickens are in the garage in their movable coop, so I go in there to check their feed and water. If it’s nice, Tim and I will cart them out to the garden. Soon it will be warm enough that we can leave them out there all night and just shut them up in the coop part. It’s time to get started on the hen house, though!

Now part of my morning chores will include walking the fence line to check the cattle. I don’t know if all cattle farmers do this, or if it’s because our fence is a one wire fence, but Scott the Farmer said we’ll need to do it daily. We don’t actually have the cows yet, but I figured I’d better incorporate it into my morning routine. Besides, it’s a nice walk (good exercise as it’s uphill, too) and a good way to work up an appetite for breakfast, which will be the next chore to do. Oh, and today I can take pictures to post.

Last night Tim found another tick after he showered. I checked the kids, which is pretty easy with their new Tick Season Haircuts, as I call them. Aidan’s is a buzz cut. He said he wants a mohawk next time, which is just fine with me. I’m not sure Marvin will be so cool with that, but we’ll see. His haircuts reflect on him, of course, so if he does something  unusual people in town might talk, I guess. 🙂

I will probably do another post today even though I don’t like to do two posts on one day. It is 5 weeks since we  got the chicks, so I owe you all some pictures from last week and this week, as well as pictures of the fence if I can take any good ones (I am so not a photographer, but I will do my best). Today we also need to go into town to get two long hoses – one for the cows, one for the garden – a watering can, and some more bedding for the chickens. We also need a trough for water for the cows, but not sure how big of one we need. I’ll have to call Scott the Farmer to find out.

I’m also going to stop by the tree nursery to get more potting soil and to see when they can come till. In the meantime, Tim and I built two more frames for the garden yesterday. Now I have 3 4′ X 4′ frames. I need to plan the garden a bit more before I build more frames, as yesterday I was reading about how to plant the Three Sisters (planting corn, squash, and beans together as the Native Americans did) in a square foot garden. So, more planning and tending of the seedlings, too. Not sure when I will find more time to blog today, but I will try.

Anyway, I’m taking this short break while waiting for Tim to get dressed so we can walk the fence. Now I must go get some water and take my vitamins so we can go for a walk.


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One Response to “Morning chores (and another tick)”

  1. dadabean Says:

    Chickens love ticks, so if you think about it the next time you find one, hold it out to them. They will snap it right up.

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