Those darn cows

OK, the cows are out again. I took Aidan up the hill with me to check on them again today and they saw him and got spooked. One went under the electric fence, one went over. They are off in the neighbor’s land and Scott the Farmer has to call and cancel a semi coming to get his organic wheat, which he has been trying to arrange for some time, I’m sure.

The neighbor who helped us the other day came over to basically yell at me because our livestock are on his property again. He called our farmer an idiot for not improving the barbed-wire fence and said we’re going to need an ATV to get them out of his timber. This was the first time I met him, so I was polite and pleasant and apologetic. I explained to him the steps we’ve taken already: changing out the fence charger to increase the amps, testing the voltage daily. I told him what we are planning on doing to keep the cows on our property: repairing some of the barbed-wire, which he said will cost lots of money because it’s older than me, totally rusted, and will not hold the cows back at all and introducing the cows to the kids slowly.

Nonetheless, he was upset because none of the previous owners had livestock and now we have it and are causing him problems. Though part of me doesn’t see how it’s causing him problems as his fields aren’t plowed or planted yet, so it’s not as if the cows are tearing up his fields. Right now, as far as I know, they are in his woods grazing and not hurting a thing. However, I also understand that it’s not fun to see some cows on your land when you don’t have cows of your own. So I can understand his upset, but would have preferred not to be yelled at and basically called an idiot. Looking on the bright side, at least we met another neighbor.


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3 Responses to “Those darn cows”

  1. chris Says:

    my grandparents were cattle farmers and this kind of thing happened to them often. I remember having to yell and shoo them back into the pastures. My point is that they raised cattle professionally for many years and on occassion they got out so you should not be called an idiot. Its part of having farm animals. Good luck!

    • hippygirl Says:

      thanks! It does happen and I think he knows that, but he’s just grumpy. Of course, there could have been some damage to his property, but we’ll see. Scott was going to take him some meat and talk to him to try to smoothe things over.

  2. Cow adventure (yes, again!) « A Hippy Girl in the Country Says:

    […] I’m not a tracker, obviously. I followed the tracks to the east end of our property, which is where they went the two previous times. It didn’t look like the went through the fence, but I kind of lost the tracks. I went south […]

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