Picture Friday

I have some serious updates to add, but for now this will have to do. I am working on posts, I promise. For now, here are some pictures and a little bit of an update on the cats. I did post some more pictures of the garden on the May 2009 page and have been updating that almost daily. These pictures were taken on or before Tuesday, so the chickens are not exactly 9 weeks old, but are close. I have a few more pictures, but I need to charge my camera battery. 

Here is a picture of the chickens in the garden area. They mostly leave the raised beds alone, but will climb in occasionally. You can see the covers Tim has made. They help to keep out the chickens and cats, who like to poop in the beds. They also should keep out deer, bunnies, and racoons. 

Chickens in the Garden

Chickens in the Garden

This is just another picture of the chickens in the garden. There is a small hole that Mo filled with potting soil and they are digging around in it. You can see the movable coop, also.

Chickens in the Hole!

Chickens in the Hole!

This is a good overview of the raised bed part of the garden. The two beds with covers are Salad Beds1 and 3. The one between those is also a salad bed (Salad Bed 2, even though it is the third to be planted). The only thing I have in it so far is cauliflower that I transplanted yesterday. The bed in the foreground of Salad Bed 1 is the Pie Bed. It has rhubarb and strawberries in it, and blueberries as of yesterday. It also has a cover over it now. The big bed is the Pizza Bed, which now has tomatoes and peppers in it and will have basil soon. The unplanted bed next to the Pie Bed and Pizza Bed is an Herb Bed. In this picture it is empty, but it now has dill in it and a couple of chives. I have no idea if they will survive the rain today, though!

Raised Beds

Raised Beds

Here is a picture of Little Gray’s kittens. They were born around May 1. She had them in a box that was stacked on some other stuff, then moved them to a shelf under the workbench in the garage. They were behind a bunch of stuff and seemed safe to me, though I couldn’t manage to get a good look. Then on Tuesday she decided to move them again for some reason. I think she may have needed more space. Tim and I interrupted her while she was moving them and she was hissing and growling at us. I only saw three and was a bit worried, but later there were four. That is how I know we interrupted her. So they are all four there in a litter box filled with pine litter. It hadn’t been used, so it was clean and actually makes a decent bed. The only problem was that the kids could easily have found her. Tim ended up moving around the various bags of feed so that Little Gray can get in and out, but the kids won’t see her unless they are really poking around in there. So, here is a picture I took on Tuesday.


Little Gray nursing her four kittens

Little Gray nursing her four kittens


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6 Responses to “Picture Friday”

  1. Janelle Says:

    So why can’t the kids see the kittens? I can actually think of thousands of reasons, lol, but wondering what yours are.

    I was wondering if the chickens would stay of out boxed gardens. I am having a heck of a time keeping them off my front porch! I think next year when we become more serious gardeners – I will get a few of those motion sensor sprinklers. They keep birds away too.

    • hippygirl Says:

      Well, the kids love the kittens. They love them so much they like to carry them around a lot and I’m worried they will accidentally hurt the tiny kittens. They did discover the 2 week old kittens yesterday and have pretty much left them alone as I asked them to. However, Mama Cat’s kittens have had some adventures, and not all of them fun. They took one to the creek and it got stuck in hole behind some roots and was crying and wet and muddy. Mama Cat was trying to help the kitten, but couldn’t, so I had to rescue the kitten. I told them not to take the kittens too far from Mama Cat, but that was not enough of a boundary. They took one kitten up the hill and it got lost for a day in some trees. It either found its own way back or Mama Cat heard it crying and found it because it was back the next morning. That was when I gave them very firm boundaries, such as not beyond the shed, beyond the pine tree on that side of the house, the well, the garage, etc. FIRM boundaries! I think that is what they needed to begin with, but who knows. Mothering is so much guess work! So anyway…..

  2. thegardensmallholder Says:

    Love those raised beds complete with chickens free ranging, it looks ever so beautiful where you live. The back drop of trees is wonderful. Good luck with growing your veggies and herbs.

    Those kitties are so cute!

    • hippygirl Says:

      It is beautiful out by the garden! I think we chose a good site for it. Just past those trees is the creek and then a big hill. It’s amazing how thick the forest grew in! OR at least it’s amazing since it’s our first spring here. 🙂

  3. chickensense Says:

    I’d love to know more about how those covers for the raised beds were made, or close-up photos if you can. I tried fencing in my whole garden to keep the chickens and goats out but it didn’t work. Hubby decided it was too hard to mow so he took down my fence when we sold the goats.

    Love your blog… I follow you on twitter too.

    • hippygirl Says:

      I’ll try to get some close up pictures of them next time I’m out taking pictures. They are basically 2′ X 2″ pieces of wood that were cut to be 4′ X 4′ to fit over the bed. Then Tim used one or two screws to screw the pieces of wood together. Then he stapled chicken wire around the bottom and cut it. Then we cut some pieces and used zip ties to tie the chicken wire together. I’ll take more pictures and write up more details after I consult with Tim. I still want him to post about the movable coop! 🙂

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