Picture Friday – Cats and Chickens

This morning Tim let the chickens out before I even got outside. When I did finally make it outside, this is what I saw: 

Cats and Chickens eating cat food

Cats and Chickens eating cat food

Cats and Chickens

Cats and Chickens

When I was picking up the cat food cans last night, I couldn’t grab the bag of hard food, too. I thought I could make two trips, but naturally I forgot to go back out. So last night some critter came and ate a bunch of hard cat food and made a big mess. This morning the cats and chickens were working on cleaning it up. They are living quite peacefully together, which is good because I was was a bit worried to let the chickens free range because of the outdoor cats. I guess they are one “predator” I no longer have to worry about. The two cats are Swirly and Little Gray, by the way. 

Here are a couple of pictures of the chicks. They are doing well and are eating a ton! Scott the Farmer has been mixing up chick feed for me that is mostly natural. He’s trying to make it with out genetically modified (GMO) ingredients so that it is all natural. Some of the ingredients are natural and some are organic, but some are GMO foods. The Big Chickens also eat the feed he brings, but it has more wheat in it so that it is lower in protein since they are older than 6 weeks.  

3 week old Buff Orpingtons

3 week old Buff Orpingtons

One of the 3 week old chicks

One of the 3 week old chicks

And, finally, here is a picture of Little Gray’s kittens, who are now 4 weeks old. They still seem so tiny and helpless. I think Little Gray is doing an great job for being such a young cat herself.

Little Grays kittens - 4 weeks old

Little Grays kittens - 4 weeks old

If only I could get the kids to just pet the kittens and not move them around. I won’t even mention the things they have done while unsupervised with the kittens. They aren’t doing anything deliberately bad, they (mostly Moira) don’t understand that the kittens are babies. Moira also likes frogs and is very talented at spotting and catching them. We bought a small, plastic terrarium so that she can keep the frogs overnight. We have an agreement that they can only stay overnight and that she has to let them go in the morning. She isn’t always happy to let the frogs go in the morning, but so far, so good. I’m afraid that there is one in the house now, though, because it was in a different container last night and now it is gone. As long as it doesn’t jump on me, I’ll be fine. I tend to squeal when frogs or spiders or weird bugs land on me. I’m trying to be more like Mo and be less squeamish.


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