Introducing Rosalie

This is Rosalie. She has a ring of black tail feathers. The other pullets also have black tail feathers, but not quite this same pattern.



I took these pictures a while ago, so she has gotten a bit bigger. I am pretty sure she is the top hen. I moved the coop to a new location and they had a hard time finding it at first. One night I was out trying to show them where the coop was. They all figured it out, but for some reason Rosalie was just standing there looking at me. I think she was glaring. I think she was giving me some attitude, but I could be wrong. She was very stubborn about going into the coop and was the last one in (yes, even after the two roosters!). I will have to watch her closely to see if she is the top hen, but I am pretty sure she is. I know who is the lowest in pecking order. I think I will introduce her next.




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