The cow adventure comes to an end

The cows are in a different pasture now. Scott the Farmer was waiting for the people from the Farm Services Agency (FSA) to come out and document that we had cattle and fencing already. The FSA people have that documentation, so after the cows got out on Monday, that was the end of our cow keeping adventure (for now).

The cows hadn’t caused us any trouble for a while. There was one time that Sweetie Cow was out and Tom got her back in with the bucket, and another time that Tim did the same thing. She hadn’t wandered far, obviously. Anyway, those silly cows got out on Monday afternoon. They must have gotten out when I was in town with Tim and Mo and Tom and Aidan were in the house playing video games. That’s all I can figure because they came for their treat in the morning and they were grazing right by the fence while the boys were lighting off bottle rockets.  This time they went south, which was a good choice since one of our neighbors, Mr. G., has cows that way.

We didn’t even know they were out. They should have been in the trees, lying in the shade and chewing their cud. Around 3:00 PM  Scott called and said that he received a call about two cows that were out. He said they might not be ours, but once you are known for having adventurous cows people will assume they are yours. In this case, the assumption was correct. Tim and I immediately went out with buckets to check for them. Tim went inside the fence to check the brush because it is pretty thick and it’s hard to see them sometimes. They weren’t there, so we decided to get in the car and drive south. We didn’t go far before we saw Mr. G. waiting on the north end of his paddock. Scott slowly herded them toward the paddock since they were stopping to drink at every puddle. Apparently cows pee to cool themselves off, so they will drink and pee at the same time. Scott said they were peeing, but not much because they were so thirsty.

So, now they are on some other pasture with other cows that Scott takes care of. He said they wouldn’t like it there because they will be the smallest cows and some of the other cows have horns. Also, they won’t be getting any grain as treats. I feel a little sorry for Sweetie Cow because she really is very sweet. Bullseye, not so much. She always ate her treat and then butted Sweetie Cow out of the way so she could eat Sweetie Cow’s treat. Anyway, as much of a bully as Bullseye was at times, she is still pretty mellow. Even Mr. G. said they are very tame cows.

We miss them, but I suppose we can find out where they are and see if they will come to the fence to see us. If we do that, I will be sure to take my camera and get some pictures.


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2 Responses to “The cow adventure comes to an end”

  1. Christine Says:

    I have fond memories of chasing down stray cows on my aunt’s farm when I was a kid. Seemed like they were always getting out. Now we get the neighbors stopping by to ask if their missing cow walked by. I’m glad my chickens don’t wander off.

    • hippygirl Says:

      I have learned a lot about cows (well a lot considering I didn’t know much at all). Even the experienced cow ranchers have cows get out, apparently. Our neighbor, Mr. G. said he has barbed wire and electric wire and he still gets cows out in the corn. I am starting to think that is just the nature of having cows. Sometimes they will get out no matter how good the fence is or how tasty the grass is.

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