Is there a herpetologist in the house?

This is the snake Tim ran over with the mower a few weeks ago. It’s a little squashed, but it looks very similar to a snake Aidan found.


After looking through a snake book we got at the library (Moira is fascinated by snakes and knows most of them in the book), I have decided that these pictures are not of Copperheads, as we thought before. Copperheads are called that because they actually have a solid, coppery looking head. Both of these snakes we have found have markings on their heads and the banding doesn’t look quite right. I’m no expert, though. I cannot figure out what kind of snakes these are. I don’t think they are timber rattlesnakes. They could be milk snakes, corn snakes, or prairie kingsnakes, but I am not sure. Most milk snakes are very colorful, but I saw a few pictures that had similar colorings to the ones we’ve seen.

According to this site, the prairie kingsnake is not in my county, nor is the timber rattlesnake, the copperhead, or the milk snake. I suspect this site is a bit out of date.  Anyway, at least it isn’t a copperhead because they are dangerous. If you have any other ideas, please feel free to post them in the comments.


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17 Responses to “Is there a herpetologist in the house?”

  1. retrieverman Says:

    I wonder if it might be a hognose snake:

  2. Tonia Says:

    It looks like the hognose snakes we have here.. They will stand up like a cobra and weave back and forth but they are Not poisonous. Its a copy cat of behavior in poisonous snakes. They are freaky and there is another name but cant think of it of the top of my head… Its not a rattler or a copper head for sure. Once you see a copper head in person it sticks in your brain!!Lol

  3. hippygirl Says:

    I think it looks like a hognose snake because it got run over by the mower, which was an accident, by the way! I admit that the fact that it is squished makes it a bit harder to identify.

    Some friends on facebook suggested it’s a corn snake, and I’m thinking that seems most likely since I also saw one at a pet store today that was different color, but had very similar markings.

    Tonia, after looking at pictures of copperheads I see that they should be easy to identify even in the wild. That is definitely a good thing!

  4. Tonia Says:

    One reason I thought it was a hog nose was because of the way its nose/top lip was shaped. With that little lip sticking up they use to dig into the dirt.

  5. hippygirl Says:

    Tonia, I see your point. I thought that, too, but wasn’t sure if that lip was somehow from the mower or just how his face looked. 🙂

  6. Name Unknown Says:

    This WAS an eastern hognose (Heterodon platirhinos). Harmless snake. You need to study your snakes. It looks NOTHING like a copperhead, and why would you kill a snake thats not bothering you anyways??? Puzzles me how fast a person is to kill something that did nothing to them. This snake is endangered in a lot of states because of stupid people doing stupid things like killing.. Erks my nerves.

  7. Name Unknown Says:

    Oh and copperheads and ALOT of other venomous snakes are mild tempered. And a copperhead is MILDLY venomous. It would take more than one bite to kill a person. As an experienced Herpetologist I have seen copperheads on more than 50 occasions. and not one of them struck at me as a first resort. They run. They would rather get away from a big scary monster that is a threat to them than randomly attack it. Yet you feel the need to take its life. pisssssses me offfffff

  8. hippygirl Says:

    First, this snake was run over by the mower. It was an accident, which I did clarify in the comments. I have to wonder if people get their riding mowers just to kill a snake? We did find a snake like this before and moved it one day. I just didn’t write about that because I didn’t get pictures and I was not here for the whole thing. So we do NOT just kill snakes for the fun of it. Your anger is a bit misplaced.

    Second, I have been studying snakes, that is why I posted this. I assume you actually read the post? A little backstory: Our farmer’s friend (also a farmer) is the one who told us he found a copperhead one day. He killed it before asking. Our farmer told us he usually doesn’t kill snakes and asked if we wanted them killed. I think I wrote about that in a previous post. I am not sure that the other farmer found a copperhead. I didn’t see it personally, but if it was the same kind we’ve found since then it was definitely NOT a copperhead. I don’t take people’s word on things like poisonous snakes, which is part of why I looked this up myself and asked for help.

    Third, I do have two children, which if you actually read any of my blog you would know. So I do worry about copperheads because even though they are not usually aggressive and are usually only out at night and are mildly venomous, I worry a bit. Even a mildly venomous snake will do more harm to a child than to an adult, correct? So you bet I worry about poisonous snakes. However, I would not kill them just to kill them. I would try to move them and I have taught the children how to behave if they see a snake and they do not know what it is.

    I am sure that in your line of work you run across a ton of people who hate snakes, are afraid of them, and kill them without question. I am not one of those people. I do not appreciate your anger directed at me when a little more reading on your part would have probably cleared up some concerns you had. And if that didn’t do it, a simple question would have been more appropriate than the anger you just spewed.

  9. Name Unknown Says:

    I apologize. I read that all wrong. I am glad to hear that you would resort to moving them for the safety of your family and the snake. Once again I apologize.

    • hippygirl Says:

      Apology accepted. I’m working on a post or 2 about snakes. Maybe I can help get the word out that snakes are our friends. Between the snakes, cats, and chickens, we have only seen dead mice. So that seems like a good thing.

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  12. snake Buddie Says:

    It is absolutely a Hog-nosed snake. One of my all-time favorite snakes! They have so much personality. You are very lucky to live in Hog-nose habitat. Thanks for sharing!


    • hippygirl Says:

      Thank you so much for posting! I told my little girl about your post and she’s excited, too. She LOVES snakes and is part of why we have learned so much about them. 🙂

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