Three questions

Moira with her new bike

Moira with her new bike

Whenever I’m eating something, especially something with vegetables in it, Moira will ask me three questions.

First, she asks, “Is that from our garden?” Sometimes the answer is yes and that’s the end of the questioning. Sometimes the answer is that one thing is from our garden and something else is not.

Question number two is, “Is that from the Farmer’s Market?”

At first she just asked those two questions and if I had to say no twice, I would then tell her that the ingredients were from the grocery store. I felt guilty if I had to say that.

Today I was eating a salad with baby romaine, walnuts, apricots, shredded Parmesan cheese, and honey mustard dressing. It was a pretty healthy snack and I was enjoying it until she started her questions. Today was the first time she asked question three, which is, “Is that from the grocery store?” The answer was yes. All the ingredients were from the grocery store. None of them were local, either, which is a subtlety she hasn’t yet figured out. Soon she will be wondering where the food at the grocery store comes from.

When I told her that all the ingredients were from the grocery store, she was clearly upset. However, the next part of the conversation went like this:

Me: Are your goldfish crackers from our garden?

Mo: No.

Me: Are they from the Farmer’s Market?

Mo: No! (laughing at this point).

Me: Are they from the store?

Mo: YES!

Me: Well, tonight’s dinner has venison from Scott that he probably hunted himself, onions from our garden, celery from the store, and potatoes from the Farmer’s Market.

She seemed satisfied with that. I am satisified with that for now. I hope to cook more and more food that comes from our garden or our land or that of our friends and neighbors. Next summer I hope to have an even bigger garden and to figure out this canning business. I’m sure it’s not hard, but it takes time. In fact, it takes uninterrupted time, which is something of which I have a shortage. Next summer, though, the kids will be a year older and that will make things a bit easier. Plus, Mo will keep me honest.


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7 Responses to “Three questions”

  1. Tonia Says:

    How cute! A very thoughtful little girl to come up with those questions!!! Love the pink frilly dress and pink bike!

    • hippygirl Says:

      Tonia, I think she’s pretty perceptive. 🙂 I’m biased, of course! I added a link to your blog finally. I read a bunch of it one day but haven’t checked back lately, so will have to do that soon.

  2. aqeela Says:

    I just found your blog via Hot belly mama.
    Ive got a 4month old baby boy so your tales of motherhood should teach me a thing or two and make me laugh along the way! I also have the whole green living attitude and im hoping that when we (ever) move house it will be to a little place with a big garden for chickens and veges.

    Aqeela xx

    • hippygirl Says:

      I added a link to your blog. I didn’t read much yet, but I will. I totally understand about posting pictures of your baby. I try to only post pictures of the kids where their faces are not in the picture. I do trust my readers, as you said, but I’ve also read horrible stories of what some horrible people do and say about pictures of people’s kids.

  3. Corinne Rasso Says:

    Ohhhhh, just wait til you start is very addictive!!!!

    • hippygirl Says:

      I can’t wait to learn to can. I wanted to do more this year, but it was the first year gardening so I think trying to plant enough to can would have been too much. But next year, definitely a bigger garden and learning to can. And whatever I don’t grow, I will buy at the farmer’s market to can.

      I remember my mom making pickles and I know that canning isn’t that hard, but it’s something that will take me a bit of time to figure out or someone will have to show me. But, like I said, I need that uninterrupted time which I don’t get much of at the moment!

  4. Paul Says:

    The helmet looks utilitarian next to that fancy bicyclin’ dress! I am gettin ready to make some pickled yellow wax peppers. My mom loves ’em on sandwiches, kind of a surprise for her.

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