Mysterious beetle

Back in April, I saw this really cool, neon green beetle in the garden. I looked online to find pictures but was unsuccessful in figuring out what kind of beetle it was. Today, however, I was looking up other beetles to see what kind of beetle is living in our playroom (ewww, I know!) and managed to identify the green beetle as the six-spotted green tiger beetle. It seems to be a good guy for gardens because they eat ants and other bugs, but not plants. That’s very good news because this is one beautiful insect, as you can see.

Six-spotted green tiger beetle

Six-spotted green tiger beetle


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2 Responses to “Mysterious beetle”

  1. Paul Says:

    Hey, thats not fair. You’ve got a great picture. I can see the six spots. If I were trying to identify a bug it would probably be called fuzzy thing with some legs!

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