Chicken noodle soup

I’m going to attempt to make chicken noodle soup today. This presents two challenges for me: first, I have to compete with a cheapo version from the store that cheats with MSG. Second, I have to get the skin off the chicken and the chicken off the bones. I personally don’t think the store kind will compete with mine, but we will see what Aidan thinks.

We have chicken broth that Tom made from the bones of the last chicken we roasted. We have several whole chickens in our freezer. So far the only way we have cooked them is to roast them, which is super yummy. However, now I have to de-bone this chicken and I really don’t know how to do that. I’m not worried. I know I can figure it out and do it. The interesting thing to me is that many people, myself included, are used to buying skinless, boneless chicken at the store that we don’t know how to cook with chicken that is whole. I am going to figure it out, though. I do know exactly what to do with the skin – feed it to the cats – and bones – make more broth.

When we start processing our own chickens, I think we will leave some whole for roasting, but we will de-bone and skin the rest so that we don’t have to cook an entire chicken every time we want chicken. Anyway, I am in search of a recipe so that I can have a starting point. I find that The Joy of Cooking – 75th Anniversary Edition is a very good resource. This cookbook has detailed sections on vegetables and spices, along with all the recipes (including a kick-ass brownie recipe). For instance, it has a short section on tomatoes and how to skin them. It has a section on canning and probably has information about how to de-bone a chicken.

Tomatoes from our garden

Tomatoes from our garden

Another cookbook that keeps coming up is Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats. If I can find this at the library, I will check it out and see if it is worth buying. I’m very tempted to just buy it, since I’ve seen it recommended in so many different places.

Anyway, so far today I have made pancakes and bacon, watched a dance show by Moira, listened to Aidan sing into a microphone, and wrestled with the kids. Now they are occupied with the guys so this is a good time to go finish the curried butternut squash soup, the tomato sauce, and to start the chicken noodle soup. I’ll try to write an update today about the various foods I made and maybe even post a recipe for the butternut squash soup.


3 Responses to “Chicken noodle soup”

  1. Jen Says:

    Tonight I threw a whole chicken into a pot of filtered water, then added: 2 bay leaves, sprig of tarragon, sprig of basil, 4 cloves of garlic, sea salt, 6 black peppercorns, 1 carrot, and 1/2 an onion. I’m out of celery, or I would have thrown a stalk or two in as well. I simmered it for about an hour and a half (removed scum that came to the surface), then took the chicken out and picked all the meat off. I added a splash of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar to the cooking broth and put the skin and bones back into the pot. I let it sit for 30 minutes then turned the heat back on. Tomorrow I will add a few more herbs from my garden (it’s too dark to get them tonight). I will simmer it very slowly for 24 hours, then strain the broth, and use it to make soup with half of the chicken. I will use the rest of the chicken in enchilades later this week.

    The vinegar will draw the gelatin and other nutrients out of the bones and make a healthier broth. I learned this from Nourishing Traditions, and it is definitely worth purchasing! Everyone who eats my chicken noodle soup raves about how good it is. It is the only way I can get my toddler to eat chicken.

    Good luck with your soup! I used to live in Peoria years ago, so I’m happy to find your blog. 🙂

    • hippygirl Says:

      I will definitely look at your comment again when we make this soup again. My son actually didn’t want veggies in the soup, just noodles and chicken, so that was why we made ours the way we did. He even complained about the herbs that were in there. haha.

      I do love being back in the midwest. Peoria is great and I am loving living near a small college town. 🙂

  2. Confession « A Hippy Girl in the Country Says:

    […] much to write. I can tell you that in the last week we’ve made two batches of tomato sauce, chicken noodle soup, curried butternut squash soup, “hambuger helper,” grilled cheese, spaghetti and […]

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