Impressions of Puerto Rico (Part II)

This post is only about our most recent visit. It’s more a list of impressions rather than anything chronological. Though I admit that I cannot resist the compulsion to lump things together into loose categories! (Edited to add a link to a Picasa album with more pictures from Puerto Rico). Just click on the picture below:

Puerto Rico Trip – October 2009
  • coquis
  • little lizards hanging around the hotel
  • a big iguana near the pools at the hotel
  • city birds at the airport
  • sand fleas
  • mosquitoes
  • Moira collecting shells from the beach
  • sand
  • ocean waves
  • the beach
  • building sand castles with moats
  • Aidan in the ocean, riding the waves
view from the balcony at the hotel

View from the balcony at the hotel

  • coffee, good coffee
  • pig on a spit
  • amarillos
  • tostones
  • chillo asado (grilled red snapper)
  • flan de queso and flan de avellanas (hazelnut flan, super YUM)
  • music
  • dancing
  • loud (for the tired kids) music in the lobby of the hotel
  • women and little girls dressed up to dance to the music
  • painting nails with Moira
  • Barbies
  • Tom speaking Spanish (totally rockin’ the language, by the way!)
  • gifts from Eugenio, Tom’s step-cousin
  • dreaming often, of chickens and cats and especially Big Swirly
  • airplanes taking off
  • Isla Verde
  • Moira’s freckles
  • Aidan going down a small, but fast, water slide
  • refinery fire we could see from the plane
  • Asian lady beetles and possible ecological disaster?
  • Internet withdrawal
  • crazy driving, but everyone drives the same way so it works
  • phone calls at 6AM from the lady, Nana, staying with Tom’s dad at the hospital
  • hospital
  • security and police at the hospital
  • Tom’s dad looking like a pirate
  • relaxed
  • tired
  • worried
  • loving watching the kids in the ocean
  • laughing in the pool
  • speaking Spanish, ever so poorly (but I did it, dammit!)

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