June 2009

June 1 – I weeded and thinned the corn, planted pole beans (Blue Lake, I think)  and squash. I had some butternut squash started from seed, so I transplanted those two plants and put another butternt squash seed in that mound. Then I have three other mounds of butternut squash (Waltham Butternut) and two more mounds of acorn squash (Royal Acorn/something else). It rained right after I planted, so it was good timing! I also planted two squares of onions.

June 2 – We harvested some lettuce and spinach and I weeded a bit, too.

June 3 – I bought pots for my mint and rosemary and finally transplanted them. One rosemary plant is in organic potting soil with a bit of Mel’s mix and the other is in a pot with Mel’s mix and a tiny it of potting soil. I’m curious to see which will do better.

June 8 – Yes, it is June 8 and I haven’t done anything in the garden for 5 days. I barely visited it to check on it. Anyway, today I visited and even transplanted a thyme plant in the last square of the Herb Bed. I am happy to say that the dill I started from seed is doing just fine, as are the 4 broccoli plants I started and transplanted. The spinach, however, is already going to seed despite the fact that it has been cool and rainy. I guess there were enough hot days for the spinach to bolt. The other thing we need to do pronto is to make a trellis for the tomatoes! And I need to spend some serious time in the tilled area raking and hoeing (is that the right word??) the grass that is growing back. I will post some pictures as soon as I get them off my camera.

June 9 – I worked in the tilled area a bit, weeding around the Three Sisters mounds. I also tried to weed a bit in another corner to start a pumpkin patch. UPDATED: I finished raking and weeding a good sized patch and made three mounds for pumpkin seeds. Mo planted 4 seeds in 2 of the mounds and I planted 3 in the other mound. So we’ll see what comes up. I also did a bit of weeding around the tomatoes and the mystery squash that is in the tilled area.

Corn and Beans

Corn and Beans

June 15 – I have harvested some things, but didn’t write much about it. Last week sometime I picked some radishes and pulled up some spinach that had gone to seed. I also spent a bit of time weeding some of the beds and pulling grass from around the side of the beds. Today I harvested some lettuce for the salad with dinner.

June 16 – Today I did some more weeding, pulling grass up, and picking. I picked radishes, pulled up a few more very small spinach plants that were going to seed, transplanted some sweet basil and some cinnamon basil. The tilled area looks horrible, except the parts that I worked on last week. The strawberries are doing well, as is the cauliflower, tomatoes, peppers, and basil. The zucchini is doing great. The lettuce plants are not doing so well. Some of the carrots seem to be doing OK, but not great. The herb bed is doing fine, but it looks like the cilantro is going to seed already and it doesn’t seem like it should yet. Anyway, things are growing and doing well. I had more vegetables I intended to plant, but I think I will try those next year because it seems late to plant them (such as watermelon, canteloupe, and muskmelon).

Cauliflower gone wild!

Cauliflower gone wild!

June 18 – Tom was making dinner and found a bag of spinach in the fridge (from our garden). He asked if there was anymore lettuce anywhere. I said, “Yes, in the garden.” So we harvested some lettuce from the garden. It was the first time Tom had done that and he was surprised at how well some of the things are growing.

June 22 – I harvested some radishes, a head of buttercrunch lettuce, a few radishes, and a little tiny piece of broccoli while Scott the Farmer was showing me how to harvest things and telling me what was ready. I also did a bit of weeding, but that pretty much happens every time I go out to the garden.

June 23 – Time and I worked in the tilled area with the cultivator to get up some of the grass. I also used some dried grass clippings around the plants. I need to get more, but it turns out that using the bagger is not as easy as it seemed since it requires changing the blades on the mower, which requires a professional since the blades seem to have been machine tightened. Anyway, the tilled area is looking better and I can go plant some more corn any day now. The pumpkins are growing and the Three Sisters are doing well. I also harvested some lemon basil and made some delicious chicken for dinner.

June 24 – Tim and I used the cultivator again (he brought this back from Oregon; I’ll take pictures and post soon, I promise). We got the planted parts of the tilled area mostly free of weeds. We also built a trellis for the tomatoes, finally. The tomatoes could have used it about two weeks ago, but we’ll see what happens. The squares just south of the tomatoes were not doing so well because the tomato plants were squishing and shading the other plants. We do have tomatoes and peppers growing, flowers on the zucchini plants, and sugar snap peas growing. The rhubarb is also doing really well and Tim’s son, Sam, transplanted the other two rhubarb plants I had bought weeks ago.

June 25 – I raked up a bit of grass and put it around the tilled area plants.

June 26 – I did more raking and put down more dead grass as mulch around the plants in the tilled area.


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