May 2009

May 1-3 – I didn’t do much in the garden since it didn’t need any water and I was busy.

May 4 – I planted some more squares of Bibb lettuce and spinach, and transplanted the broccoli I started on March 31.

May 5 – I built a 1′ X 4′ box for the peas, dug out the sod, and layered leaves, compost, and potting soil. Then I planted the seeds and put newspaper on top. I also bought two strawberry plants and transplanted them into the bed with the rhubarb, which I am calling the Pie Bed. I still need to transplant the blueberries, but I might have to add more soil to make the bed a little deeper first. Scott the Farmer brought me a Brandywine tomato plant. Now I need to get the tomato/pepper/basil bed filled with soil!

May 6 – Transplanted some garlic that Scott the Farmer brought me. We went to town and bought some stuff to make the trellis for the peas and the tomatoes.

May 7 – I built another 4′ X 4′ frame this morning, moved it to the garden and put leaves in the bottom. The grass in this area was partially dead as I had bags of compost and stuff sitting in that spot for a few days. I had another bed that had overturned sod in it, but I hadn’t done anything else with it. So today I put leaves in the bottom, then watered it. Then I put in three bags of compost. I think I will wait for that to settle since I am out of compost. Then I will probably add one more bag of compost and a bag to a bag and a half of potting soil. I am not really liking the potting soil as it seems to get packed together and compress very easily. Part of this is because I need to water more as I add stuff so that it will settle. I haven’t done this, so I know that is part of why the beds are full when I am done, but after a few days the soil is an inch or so from the top of the raised bed!

May 8 – I bought more strawberry plants and transplanted them into the Pie Bed. I also partially filled two more beds. One bed has overturned sod on the bottom, then some leaves, 3 bags of organic compost, and some potting soil. This will be another salad bed. The other bed just had grass that was partially dead from bags of compost laying there. I added some leaves, then some newspaper, wetted it down, then added 3 or 4 bags of organic compost. It’s not done, but it’s mostly done. I have to finish filling those beds, mark the grids, and plant!

May 9 –  I built another 4′ x 4′ frame for the garden and put it out there in a spot where we partially dug up sod. We pulled some green onions to use for dinner, which was Spicy Peanut Noodles and salad.

May 10 – I bought some peat moss and manure at Farm King and started filling the tomato, peppers, and basil bed, which is 4′ X 8′. UPDATED: Here is a picture of the bed fo tomatoes, peppers, and basil, which I am calling the Pizza Bed. The Herb bed is in the foreground and the movable coop is in the background.


May 11 – I am not sure what I did this day, but it wasn’t much. I think I added some peat moss and manure and compost to try to finish filling up three beds. 

May 12 –  The people from the nursery called to say they were tilling another garden in town and wondered if it was dry enough. I think it was about as dry as it is going to get, so they came and tilled part of the garden. This is the part where I will grow some bush tomatoes and the Three Sisters. I also worked on finishing filling 3 more beds, including the 4′ X 8′ bed for tomatoes, peppers, and basil. Tim and I worked together to mark the grids on this bed and to transplant 5 tomato plants. There are three Brandywine tomatoes, on of which Scott the Farmer gave us, and two Amish paste tomatoes. I also added a little bit of water to the plants that needed it. I also planted some corn in mounds, but didn’t get this all done. Also, the peas are sprouting well under some wet newspaper. The newspaper is partly to keep the chickens out, too.



Tomatoes: Brandywine and Amish Paste

Tomatoes: Brandywine and Amish Paste


Tilled Garden area

Tilled Garden area

May 13 – I didn’t do much in the garden, but Tim built two more boxes because he needed to get the wood out of the way. So now there is another 4′ X 4′ frame and a 2′ X 4′.

May 14 – We transplanted bell peppers today, 8 yellow, 8 red, and 6 purple. I also marked the grids in another bed and transplanted 4 cauliflower plants into it. Tim transplanted the two blueberry plants into the Pie Bed, which also has the strawberries and one rhubarb plant. Tim is also building another cover for the Pie Bed. We also transplanted some Early Girl tomatoes into the tilled area.

May 15 – I picked some more green onions and one radish, I think the others are ready to pick, too. 

May 16 – I planted another salad bed (Salad Bed 2, even though it is the third salad bed to be planted). I planted more spinach, bibb lettuce, romaine lettuce, and radishes. I have two squares left to plant and will probably plant some more onions and use the other square to replant the garlic that I didn’t transplant correctly.

May 17 – I didn’t really do anything in the garden. I must say the peas are doing well, though. It will be time to make the trellis soon. The tomato transplants seem to be doing well, also. We did lose one or two of the very small dill plants I transplanted due to all the rain and wind. I think one of the pepper plants also didn’t make it.

May 18 – I also didn’t do much in the garden. I have put newspaper down on the grass where there is already a frame, so I am working on killing that grass, or at least getting it mostly dead before I fill it with anything. I need to plant more corn and make more mounds, but naturally the tilled soil got drenched last week and now is pretty packed. I will have to dig or rake or something just to loosen it up again so I can make mounds and do more planting.

May 19 – I watered a few plants, I think. I didn’t do anything major in the garden. Mo accidentally pulled up a spinach plant, thinking it was a radish. I have a few small radishes I picked the other day, but haven’t tried them yet. 

May 20 – I didn’t do anything in the garden! I keep meaning to get to the nursery to buy herbs to plant in the herb bed, but haven’t managed to do it. I need to either dig or try to kill grass in the 2′ X 4′ bed and plant cucumbers. Can I plant them from seed this late or do I need to buy transplants, or maybe some of each? I’ll have to look that up! I still need to plant more corn! This is how this gardening thing seems to work for me: feel like I need to play catch up because I’m overwhelmed and behind, then I spend a couple of days getting a lot of stuff done and feel really productive. I need a couple of really productive days. I think I will have to ask Tom to hide my laptop! hahaha.

May 21 – I bought two heirloom grape tomato plants at the Farmer’s Market in Macomb. They are riesentraube. I transplanted them into the Pizza Bed. I also bought a very nice basil plant and was going to transplant it but it wouldn’t come out of the pot. It’s in a very nice pot, so I suppose I could keep it elsewhere and then buy more basil starts at the nursery. I still need to get to the nursery and I really, really need to transplant the zucchini and watermelon plants. They are starting to flower so I need to get them outside into beds.

May 22 – I pulled up a few radishes and picked some leaves off the leaf lettuce to make a salad for dinner. I also used green onions in the quiche that I made, as well as asparagus from the Farmer’s Market. I also made dessert with rhubarb and strawberries from the Farmer’s Market. My mom also noticed that the corn  has sprouted! 

May 23 – I bought two dill plants,6 parsley (2 curly and 4 Italian), 2 oregano starts, and 8 mint basil plants. I transplanted most of the herbs, but not all.

May 24 – I’m not sure I did much of anything in the garden today, but I can’t remember. It was kind of a crazy day and we had plans to do things in the garden but didn’t end up doing any of it.

May 25 – Tim and I built a trellis for the peas. It was probably a bit of overkill for peas, but next year it might be something else in that frame.

May 27 – I bought some compost and vermiculite to fill a few more beds. I filled a 2′ X 4′ bed and transplanted my three zucchini plants, which were desperately in need of some sunlight. I mostly filled another 4′ X 4′ bed, mixing peat moss,  vermiculite, and compost as Mel’s mix calls for. I didn’t mix it the way he suggests, but rather mixed it up in the bed itself. I started to pull out the cardboard and empty compost bags from another frame so that I could fill it with soil, but didn’t get that done. The grass was quite dead in that frame and also in the 4′ X 4′ that had had newspaper on top of the grass for a week or so. I also bought a bunch of herbs and some pepper plants to transplant and worked on the mounds in the tilled area since it is almost time to plant the squash and beans and to do another planting of corn.

May 28 – I worked in the tilled area a tiny bit to make more mounds for squash and corn and beans. I did some weeding in the Pie Bed, which has the most grass growing in it. This is the bed I did not dig and I put turned over sod into and then filled the rest of the way with compost and other stuff. 

Here is a picture of part of the garden. We were in the middle of making the trellis for the peas. The Pea Bed is in the foreground with the trellis of electric conduit partly done. Next to the Pea Bed is the Herb Bed. These pictures are all from the week of May 25.

View of the garden

View of the garden

The Pizza Bed

The Pizza Bed

Corn growing in a mound in the tilled area of the garden

Corn growing in a mound in the tilled area of the garden

The carrots are growing well in this shady spot

The carrots are growing well in this shady spot

Peas are growing nicely

Peas are growing nicely

May 29 – I pulled out the pepper transplants that were not thriving and transplanted some I bought at the nursery. I also transplanted three cilantro plants that I picked up at the Farmer’s Market on Thursday. I emptied some bags of peat moss, vermiculite and compost into a frame, but didn’t mix it yet. I weeded a tiny bit and watered some plants.


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