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September 18, 2009

Ever since I posted something last Friday for Fight Back Friday, I couldn’t wait for this Friday to arrive so I could write a new post and read posts by others. However, last Friday inspired me so much that I spent a lot of the weekend and early part of the week cooking and blogging about what we made. Now I don’t feel that I have much to write. I can tell you that in the last week we’ve made two batches of tomato sauce, chicken noodle soup, curried butternut squash soup, “hambuger helper,” grilled cheese, spaghetti and meatballs, pancakes, and salad dressing. There’s probably something I’m forgetting, but once you start cooking at home it becomes so natural that you don’t think much about it. Or at least it seems so in our case. We’ve always cooked a few times a week, but honestly we went out or got carryout once or twice a week and ate convenience meals at home, plus all the Starbucks we used to enjoy! So now we are barely going out to eat and are seriously avoiding fast food and it feels really good.

By the way, the “hamburger helper” is just browned beef and whatever veggies and leftovers we have. Tom has made this twice now and it was really yummy both times. It doesn’t always look yummy, but it is. He’s used homemade tomato sauce and/or broth to keep it from getting too dry. I think the next leftover surprise will be a quiche, assuming we get enough eggs from our chickies in the next few days. Also, the meatballs I made included one of our own chicken’s eggs, bread crumbs from bread I bought at the farmer’s market, and beef from grass-fed, locally raised cows. Our freezer is full of beef right now.

And yet, let me make some confessions.

  • Confession 1: On Tuesday or Wednesday we took the kids to Granny’s house and ordered pizza while Tom and I went out to dinner. We did go to a local restaurant rather than a chain (not that there are a lot of chains in Macomb). We were both tired and needed some time to talk, so going out to dinner seemed perfect.
  • Confession 2: On the way to Peoria last week, we purchased cookies at the gas station. I love cookies, but these cookies were god-awful sweet. It made me want to make cookies at home more often.

So, while we aren’t perfect in our quest for local, organic, sustainable food I feel we are doing great. We are doing better than we did a year ago and that counts for something. I suspect that a year from now we will be doing even better and I hope to hardly go to the grocery store at all and only go out to dinner every once in an while. Sometimes I wish we could make big changes all at once or go cold turkey, but baby steps are still steps in the right direction.

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