Who’s who

The Humans

Hippygirl – that’s me, a 30 something year old who moved to the coundtry in October of 2008 after living the city life for 14 years (read more on the About page)

Tim, or Farmer Tim as I like to call him when he is dressed like this!

Tim, or Farmer Tim as I like to call him when he is dressed like this!

Tom – the hubby. He’s a computer wizard who makes most of the money and is more fascinated by the chicks than I think he would admit.

Tim – our friend who lives in the apartment over the garage. He does most of the physical labor and implements all my crazy ideas.

Aidan – our 5 and a half year old self-proclaimed country boy. He is interested in trains and hunting and is totally fine with the fact that his meat used to be a living, breathing creature.

Moira – our 3 year old little big girl (I say she’s little, but she says she’s a big girl). She is in a princess stage and adores the chicks and the cats and all animals.

Jeff – our neighbor. He is also working to self-sufficiency and is a hunter, gardener, and just a great guy and a great neighbor.

Scott the Farmer – the organic farmer. We met him thanks to Jeff. He is really knowledgeable about all sorts of things and likes to tease me for being a vegetarian.

The Animals (Last updated on June 30, 2009)

Riley – indoor, neutered male cat. He is very talkative and jumps on our laps anytime we sit down. He’s also very tolerant of the kids, which is a good thing because they love him too much at times. He demands his soft food in the morning and evening. He knows when it is time for dinner and will meow relentlessly until we feed him.

Swirly, one of our male, outdoor cats


Cleo – indoor, spayed female cat. She likes to sleep under the bed, but sometimes at our feet on the bed. She lays by our heads in the morning when we wake up so she can get some snuggling and scratching.

Scotchy – outdoor male cat. He was the first to be friendly with us and he’s an orange and white tabby. He’s still really friendly and he and Swirly often play together.

Swirly – outdoor male cat. He is now super friendly and is also an orange and white tabby, but with “swirls” of white on his sides. His eyes are an amber color and he’s just a cutie! He’s also the biggest of Mama Cat’s first litter.

Little Gray

Little Gray

Little Gray, pregnant

Little Gray, pregnant

Little Gray – the outdoor female cat. She’s friendly but more skittish than the boys as females often are. She’s also littler and is a gray and white and brownish tabby, thus the name. She is quite friendly at the moment, but I’m not sure if it’s because she is pregnant or because she is just more used to us.

Mama Cat – mama of three different litters (Yes we need to get her fixed!), one from last summer (2008), one from spring and one from mid-August. She’s a good mama and is very friendly with people, but not so much with other cats. All the outdoor cats are related to her in some way.

Mama Cat

Mama Cat

Vicious – a gray and white tabby, one of Mama Cat’s second litter; Vicious is a boy and used to grown and hiss and spit at us. Now he is quite friendly and can often be seen snuggling on a chair with Swirly. Tim once spotted Vicious nursing on Little Gray, too.

Mug – one of Mama Cat’s second litter; she looks like a cat of the same name that belongs to my aunt, uncle, and cousins. Aidan and Moira are always excited to see Mug when we visit my aunt and uncle because apparently Mug is one of their outdoor cats that is OK with being picked up. UPDATED: Our Muggy is missing. We saw a dead cat on our lane and I’m pretty sure it was not Muggy. Either way, Muggy is gone.

Mug, with Muck/Huck in background

Mug, with Muck/Huck in background

Mama Cat nursing Muck/Huck and Mug, with Vicious growling and hissing

Mama Cat nursing Muck/Huck and Mug, with Vicious growling and hissing

Muck and Stinky – these two look a lot alike, except that one has a brownish spot on his head. Mo has named that one Stinky for some reason. The other one is still named Muck, but sometimes Mo still says Huck and I’m not sure which one she is talking about.  UPDATED: Stinky is here, but Muck is also gone. Muck could have been the dead cat we found, but that cat seemed too big to be Mama Cat’s kittens, so I’m just not sure. But Muck is definitely gone and we are left with Vicious and Stinky out of Mama Cat’s second litter. They are not all that friendly, but they might be in time.

Captain Gray – One of Little Gray’s kittens. He looks like he will be a big cat. He’s also the least friendly of his litter, but is still pretty friendly. He is gray and white with brown eyes.

Tubby Boat – Moira named this female kitty. She is pretty friendly and spends time in the house on occasion. She has beautifl markings.

Swirly, Junior – an orange and white tabby, who is also one of Little Gray’s kittens. He spends the nights inside, usually on our bed. He’s super friendly and we are all smitten with him.

3 new kittens – Mama Cat just had another little of kittens around August 12. I know there are 3, might be 4 since I couldn’t get a good look at them. I’m not sure where she had them, but on August 17, she moved them to the garage.

Chicken Joe – our New Hampshire cockerel, named for the surfing chicken in Surf’s Up

Other rooster – we were surprised to have two roosters, so this one is not named yet. UPDATED: We did name this one, but he has been butchered, so it doesn’t matter much anymore.

Lula Mae – the pullet who started laying eggs first. She is the smaller of the two New Hampshire pullets.

Holly – our other New Hampshire pullet.

20 Buff Orpington chicks, including three roosters.

Two heifers – one was originally called Sweetie Pie, but now she is Sweety Cow; Aidan named the other Bullseye. We intend to sell one and eat the other. UPDATED: The cows are in a different pasture now.


7 Responses to “Who’s who”

  1. farmingfriends Says:

    I think your who’s who page is a great idea. i feel like I know everyone now!
    Kind regards
    Sara from farmingfriends

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  4. nobbydamus Says:

    great post!!

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  6. Lisa Marie Mary Says:

    Hi hippygirl! It’s great to meet you! I’m a vegetarian with a ‘hippie-named’ blog and my sister-in-law (my besty!) grew up in Elmwood, IL. Glad I found you today – saw a comment from you on Ang’s blog – Angschickencoop. 🙂 Followed u on Twitter, too!

    • hippygirl Says:

      I’m sorry I’m late replying to comments. I try to reply to all of them. I did leave a comment on your blog, but on an old post. That posts about coffee cracked me up. 🙂

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